InviNutri Nutrition

1What is InviNutri made of?
InviNutri is a highly concentrated nutritional food powder.

It’s a proprietary blend of of 9 different microgreens (Arugula, Broccolis, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Chia, Kale, Peas, Radish, and Lettuce), as well as Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, White Button and Psillium Husk Mushrooms, Turmeric, Spinach, Carrots and Beets.

Contains no GMOs, gluten, corn syrup, sugars, fillers or dyes. No artificial products whatsoever.

100% natural, plant-based and organically produced.
2What are the nutritional values of InviNutri?
InviNutri Powder (0,5gr or 0.018oz) has the same nutritional value of a Supergreens, fruits and mushrooms salad Bowl (50gr or 1.8oz). It’s equivalent to 4 servings (veggies/fruits/mushrooms) recommended by the USDA.

Incredibly rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper, antioxidants, polyphenols, sulforaphane, fibers and vitamins: B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, B7 (biotin), B9 (folic acid), B12 (cobalamin and folates), C, D, E, A and K.
3Why do we use Microgreens instead of fully mature veggies?
Microgreens are essentially young baby vegetables and contain significantly more nutrients, vitamins and health-promoting micronutrients than their fully-mature counterparts.

This is why they are considered a superfood.

Nutrients: Vitamin, minerals and antioxidant levels measured in microgreens were up to 40 times higher than those recorded for more mature leaves.

See studies here:

4What’s the magic? Does it really have all that nutrition?
The magic starts with our proprietary process of removing all the water from the plants while keeping most of the nutrients.

From planting to harvesting, to dehydrating and milling, we sought to perfect our procedures and ensure all components are reduced as much as possible in size and weight with minimal loss of nutritional value. The components also complement each other to mask color, flavor and smell. Maximum Nutrition, Minimum Perception.
5Is InviNutri enough for daily nutrition?
Yes and No… InviNutri has a large amount of the building blocks (micronutrients) of a healthy nutrition, but there are still other important blocks (micro and macronutrients) recommended, like proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates. While InviNutri will give you many of the needed nutrients we often miss, we still advocate for healthy eating habits.
6Do the veggies/fruits/mushrooms lose any of their nutritional value in the production process?
Only up to 10% of the water-soluble vitamins and nutrients are lost in the dehydration process. It keeps 97-98% of the total original nutrients.

Use of InviNutri

1Can I cook with InviNutri?
Yes, you can! Very high temperatures (over 350F) for over 45 minutes can reduce nutritional value, but it is otherwise fine to add during the cooking process. In general mixing with any regular cooked meal will retain all the nutritional value.
2What is the shelf life of InviNutri?
InviNutri has an eight-year shelf life or longer if kept in a cool, dry place.
3Is InviNutri only for kids?
InviNutri is for everyone! It can be used at any age once they can start having veggies, fruits and mushrooms. Recommended for anyone older than 1-year who struggles with picky eating habits.
4Vitamins, gummies or InviNutri? What’s the difference?
Basically, the key difference is in production - natural vs industrialized

Most gummies and vitamins contain gelatin, corn starch, sugar, syrup, artificial coloring, etc. They are made with synthetic nutrients which are not nearly as easily absorbed into the body as real food. InviNutri is made with real food only: organically grown plants that provide most of the vitamins and nutrients you need on a daily basis.
5What about the taste?
Invinutri was formulated to minimize the color, smell and taste. We blind tested on hundreds of kids and adults and nobody could find a difference in taste when mixed (one serving) with regular foods. It will ultimately depend on what food you use it on (especially white or tasteless foods), and how much you add. We Recommend starting with less (just a couple of sprinkles), mix well then try it. Adjust accordingly from there if you want to try adding another 1 or 2 sprinkles at a time.

InviNutri General

1What about Allergies?
There are no common allergens in InviNutri. No eggs, dairy, nuts, shellfish, wheat, gluten or soy. If you have any food or plant-based allergies, please refer to our product page(LINK) for the ingredient list. Please consult your doctor before consuming InviNutri if you have any medical conditions or allergies.
2Is InviNutri gluten-free?
Yes! InviNutri is gluten free.
3Is InviNutri organic?
We are not yet organic-certified by the USDA. However, we do follow all rules and regulations related to the production process, in order to keep our product safe, clean and organically-grown. We use no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.

We grow our Microgreens indoors, in a vertical hydroponic farm - No soil or toxic heavy metals involved.
4Is InviNutri approved by the FDA?
Food items are not required to be approved by the FDA - InviNutri is pure natural 100% plant based food.

We follow all Good Manufacturing Practices from the FDA and we are inspected and approved by the North Carolina Agricultural Department.
5Is InviNurti environmentally friendly?
Definitely! Not only is our product green, so are our actions. Our production process saves up to 95% of water and resources used, requiring minimal energy consumption. All supplies and packaging are reusable and recyclable.

We believe in the importance af nature and do all in our power to respect it.
6What are these little white or red clusters on the bottle?
Since our product is dehydrated and in powdered form, the individual ingredients can sometimes clump together to for what looks like little pebbles. They will break down easily when mix into meals. Unlike other powdered products, we don’t use any anti-caking agents or chemicals. Our blend of superfoods is 100% natural and plant based.

Any other questions?

Please contact us and we will be more than glad to find you the best answer.