Good nutrition is
the best medicine!

Microgreens, Fruits,
Mushrooms, Veggies
and Herb in a bottle.

Eat better. Feel better.

40x Nutrient Dense. Raw Microgreens. Kid Superfoods Powder - The Picky Eater Proof Genius Shake On Veggie Vitamin Powder Supplement.

 The easy way of removing stress, mealtime battles and emotional roller coasters.

Less than $2 a Day! 97% NUTRIENT RETENTION - 40x NUTRIENT DENSE MICROGREENS: Nourish your family with organically farmed microgreen rich kid superfood powder, carefully nurtured, and combined in our USDA certified facility in the heart of North Carolina. We don’t just let you smell the organic microgreens we save you up to 90% over buying the same groceries, kids green vegi powder shakes, smoothies and picky eaters vitamins too!

Concentrated Natural Nutrition

Health for Kids and Peace of Mind for Parents

Take Back Control

Keep Nutrition Easy

USA GROWN MICROGREENS - UNPROCESSED, RAW, ORGANIC + ZERO BAD STUFF: Chocked full of a rainbow of benefits far too long to mention here, this picky kids green blend is the greens powder to get if you’d love to fuel their growth their fire with the critical fruit and veggies supplements they can’t otherwise get in the Standard American Diet.

Pure Concentrated Nutrition

How to use?  It's Simple...

POOF! GONE! THEY WON’T SUSPECT A THING - Just Sprinkle On. Stir In. Serve! (And don’t let them see you SMILE): While Most greens powder for kids make you choke down gritty, foul tasting chunks, InviNutri powder vegetables, berry, mushroom supplement boasts a very light, deliciously mild flavor that is just as easily enjoyed alone as it is mixed with your picky eaters food.


DUKE UNIVERSITY STUDY - Tired of Coercion? Bribery? Or Begging your child who won’t eat their broccoli. Duke says you’re a great parent anyway, stating that, “Coercive strategies create more food avoidance, working like a human parking brake that promotes psychosocial impairment”, which is why we love to say Invinutri is far better than sneak veggie meals to increase variety in their diets!
Take Back Control


KIDS WHINING MORE THAN CAILLOU? They won’t even know you’ve added this kid friendly superfoods supplement into all their otherwise nutrient-poor favorites, or we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. FEEL GOOD knowing every InviNutri fussy eater solution you buy fuels cancer research for kiddos who don’t otherwise live long enough to enjoy a life with the people they love.

Concentrated Natural Nutrition

Healthier Kids and Happier Parents

Stop Cleaning Up Thrown Messes

Stop Cleaning Up Thrown Messes

Stop Begging Bribery Coercion

Stop Begging Bribery Coercion

Help Struggling Seniors Eat Better

Help Struggling Seniors Eat Better Every Day

Critical for
You Too

Critical for You Too
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Genius product

Real Testimonials

What People say about InviNutri

Miracle in a bottle

Tom T.

I was hesitant to try this at first, I’ve tried everything to make my kid eat their veggies. I spent a lot of money on vegetables, loads of time picking and choosing, carefully preparing and trying to hide them in their food, nothing has worked, very frustrating. My 6 year old son would reject them all – he can see and taste everything and will only eat a handful of foods. Invinutri is a miracle. I’ve been mixing it into his favorite foods and he doesn’t notice it at all.  I finally have peace of mind knowing he’s getting his daily nutrients while eating the foods he likes.

No more struggles

Brandon R.

Mealtime has always been a huge struggle at home. I spend hours trying to figuring out what to make for dinner, only for my kid to not even eat it. I was constantly stressed and worried about her nutrition. I decided to give InviNutri a try and I never going back. Now I can make the foods my daughter will actually eat and enjoy while ensuring she’s getting the veggies she needs. I used to dread dinner time and now one of most pleasant part of my day and it’s been incredibly important for us to have quality family time.

I use it daily

Jennifer L.

The kiddos are picky eaters and we end up resorting to sandwiches, chicken nuggets, pizza and pasta. I wasn’t happy at all with their nutrition. After a few weeks of adding InviNutri to their meals, I have noticed better energy levels, maybe it’s all in my head, but they seem more focused than usual too. I chalk this up to them finally getting the vitamins they need. Will continue to use daily.

Not just for kids

Tania T.

I sprinkle Invinutri on literally everything! I’m a picky eater myself, so I’m not exactly the best example for my kids when it comes to healthy eating. This has been our go-to for added daily nutrients. We can’t smell it, taste it, or even see it. Just sprinkle a bit on almost any food, mix it, and poof! It’s gone and I feel so much better about what my family and I are eating.

All natural, highly recommended

Andrea T.

My four years old is very picky and will not eat any fruits or veggies. We tried vitamin gummies for a while but I’m concern that those are industrialized and full of chemicals. We believe in natural and real foods. We have since resorted to InviNutri to increase her nutrient intake.

The best product ever invented

Anna M.

I don’t even have to hide it! My kid asks for it every meal and we pretend that it’s “magic fairy powder” sprinkled in her food and will make her super strong!  She loves to see it disappear after mixing and thinks it’s the coolest think ever.

Time saver

Leo W.

I don’t have time or patience to force my kids to eat their broccoli. A good friend told me about Invinutri. I started adding it to most of their meals and they eat everything. My kid gets their broccoli and much more. I’m in heaven…

Very good!!!

Laurie C.

It works great on most foods. However, anything white or light in color can became mildly green and kids might notice.  As a natural product, it's understandable.

Vegetables are finally getting eaten


These microgreens have completely transformed the way my family and I get our daily dose of essential vitamins and nutrients. What I love most about this powder is that it is completely tasteless, making it incredibly easy to incorporate into our daily routine. As an adult, I have to admit that I don't always get the vitamins I need because...well....vegetables are gross but with this stuff, I feel like I'm at least getting something good in my body! I've put it in scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles and chili and neither I nor my kids can taste it! But what's even better is that my little kids are now getting the vitamins they need without even knowing it! As any parent can attest, getting kids to take their vitamins can be a real challenge. But with this green vitamin powder, I simply mix it in with their favorite drink or smoothie, and they have no idea they're getting all the essential vitamins they need to stay healthy and strong. Overall, I highly recommend this green vitamin powder to anyone who wants a convenient and easy way to get all the vitamins and nutrients they need without any unpleasant taste or hassle. It's been a game-changer for my family, and I'm sure it will be for yours too!

Concentrated Natural Nutrition

No More Fights with Picky Eaters